About us

Each parent dreams that his or her child grows up as a successful and educated person. To make this dream come true, one has to invest in child’s development since early childhood. Today, thanks to technologies, our life is becoming more intense and exciting.
And our main objective is to provide best programs and methods of learning for development of your child, using state-of-the-art opportunities.
The YoungClever project started with the desire to make high-quality learning apps for our own children. Therefore, when developing each app, we first of all thought about how a child will be using it, what he or she needs, and where special attention should be paid.

YoungClever is not just games for free time, this is a whole complex of learning programs, which helps a child to develop and spend their time rationally, and you can be confident in quality and content of these games.

The second area of YoungClever is helping parents, whose children suffer from autism spectrum disorder. According to official statistics, 1 of 88 children is born with autism spectrum disorder (autism). This is the problem of the XXIst century with not enough attention paid to it. And despite the fact that children diagnosed with autism may not be fully cured, they may and must be adapted. Using the ABA standard, we want to automate the therapy and make the apps that help parents to adapt their children so that they feel as productive members of society.

YoungClever – discovering skills.

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